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Guarantees are available for our Subaru for sell, but also for your Subaru. Following an inspection, if your vehicle is in good condition, we can attach an additional warranty on your car.

Additional safeguards (automobiles)

Adapted from the leaflet of Groupe PPP to the needs of As an indication only. Refer to the original document. Any differences between this text and the text of Groupe PPP, the Groupe PPP has dominance.

Take the road in your Subaru with confidence!

Subaru reassuring protection…

The additional auto warranty (Groupe PPP) protects your Subaru by allowing you to save the cost of repair parts included in the guarantee plan you choose, once the manufacturer warranty is* finished.

… Choice of plan!

The guarantees of Subaru automobiles (Groupe PPP) cover most makes and models of Subaru, new Subaru and used Subaru. They apply to vehicles:

• With less than 10 years and
• With less than 240 000 km

If your Subaru meets the eligibility requirements, we can cover:
• For a period of 3 months to 7 years
• For a mileage limit of 5 000 km to 240 000 km

The Subaru guarantee plan chosen (see 5 shots Subaru offered against this) comes into force from the date of signing the contract. The mileage limit does not take into account the distance traveled by your Subaru before that date. Your security is therefore an investment for the future.

A question of franchise worth between $ 100 and … nothing!

You can choose between the basic exemption of $ 100, that $ 50 or $ 0! We assume the cost of repairs of your Subaru to the amount of the deductible selected, the total amount less $ 100, $ 50 or $ 0. It is as simple as that!

Plan 1 (1 to 8)
Basic Warranty
Plan 2 (1 to 9)
Basic Warranty more
Plan 3 (1 to 18)
Extended Warranty
Plan 4 (1 to 18 and more)
Superior Warranty
Plan 5 (10 to 18)

1. Subaru engine (gas or diesel) : the cylinder block and all internal lubricated parts listed below: crankshaft, bearing, pistons, rings, rods, bearings for connecting rods, camshaft, bearings camshaft, cylinder head, valves, valve guides, valve springs, rocker arms, push rods, hydraulic, front cover, distribution chain and sprockets, timing belt tensioners and sprockets, intake manifold, toothed wheels, shafts counterweight vibration damper, valve covers, oil pan, oil pump, engine brackets, water pump (gaskets and sealing rings are covered only when covered repair parts).

2. Subaru Turbo : Carter, internal parts, valves, turbo compressor, sensors and electronic control of turbo compressors.

3. Subaru Turbo : Carter, all internal parts, bypass valves, intercooler.

4. Subaru Automatic Transmission : Housing and all internal lubricated parts listed below: oil pump, valve box, torque converter, vacuum modulator, governor, main shaft, clutches, bands, drums, gear sets, bearings, bearings, sealing rings internal transmission media (gaskets and sealing rings are covered only when covered repair parts).

5. Subaru manual transmission : Case and all internal lubricated parts listed below: main shaft, gear sets, forks, synchronizers, bearings, bushings (gaskets and sealing rings are covered only during repairs to covered parts).

6. Housing transfer Subaru vehicles (4 X 4) : Case and all internal lubricated parts listed below: main shaft, gear sets, chain and sprockets, bearings, bushings (gaskets and sealing rings are covered only when covered repair parts).

7. Front-wheel drive Subaru : Switch final transmission and all internal lubricated parts listed below: carrying case, gear sets, chain and sprockets, bearings, bushings, housing supports, constant velocity joints, universal joints (joints of and sealing rings are covered only when covered repair parts).

8. Subaru differential (front and rear) : Carter and all internal lubricated parts listed below carrying case, gear sets, bearings, bushings, set of internal self-clutch, axle shafts, universal joints, support of shaft, shafts (seals and bushes are covered only when covered repair parts).

9. Seals and rings Subaru : For components PLAN “1” BASE WARRANTY (1 to 8)

10. Management before Subaru : Case and all internal lubricated parts listed below: set valve steering rack toothed axis, bearings and amount of rack and pinion, speed sensor, servo steering pump and pulley, fluid reservoir, main and intermediate steering, rings and gaskets.

11. Subaru Brakes : Master cylinder, servo, wheel cylinders, compensating braking calipers of disc brakes, pistons, sealing rings.

12. System Subaru fuel : fuel pump, injectors, injection pump, injection valve, pipes, vacuum pumps, sensors, temperature sensor.

13. Subaru electronic ignition : Module of the electronic ignition, the electronic ignition, induction coils.

14. Subaru Electrical : Alternator, voltage regulator, starter solenoid starter, motor wiper front and rear modules delay pump washer front and rear, activator door locks, servo cruise, module, cruise control, engine power windows, engine and gear adjustment Electric seats, manual wiper front and rear, the rear defroster and power windows, lights, fan the heater, turn signals, door locks, sunroof, electric seats, cruise control.

15. Subaru front suspension : ball joints, suspension arms and upper and lower bearings, rocket ride, wheel bearings. (Excludes dampers)

16. Subaru rear suspension : ball joints, suspension arms and upper and lower bearings, rocket ride, wheel bearings. (Excludes dampers)

17. Subaru Air Conditioner : Compressor, compressor clutch, condenser, evaporator (if the manufacturer installed the parts or parts are original. Orifice tube, pipes, accumulator, dryer, switch to high and low pressure seals of and sealing rings, the refrigerant gas (in a covered repair).

18. Other components Subaru : Radiator engine (except corrosion), the radiator and the heater, engine fan the heater front and rear, engine radiator fan, fan clutch hydraulic system, anti-lock brakes (ABS), control system traction components of electronic control automatic transmission, engine and electrical switch vacuum switch on transfer, axle shaft, bellows of cardan shafts, wheel bearings, all locking hub (4X4), steering rods, reference arm, pipes, the power steering cooler, wiring handbrakes.


We will repair any other part of the vehicle in addition to those listed above, except those specifically excluded in clause 12 – EXCLUSIONS, LIMITATIONS AND REPAIRS NOT COVERED.

1 Subaru engine (gas or diesel)
2 Subaru Turbo
3 Surcompresseur Subaru
4 Transmission Subaru (automatique)
5 Transmission Subaru (manuelle)
6 Boîtier de transfert Subaru
7 Traction avant Subaru
8 Différentiel Subaru (avant et arrière)
9 Joints d’étanchéité et bagues Subaru
10 Direction avant Subaru
11 Freins Subaru
12 Système d’alimentation de carburant Subaru
13 Allumage électronique Subaru
14 Électricité Subaru
15 Suspension avant Subaru
16 Suspension arrière Subaru
17 Climatiseur Subaru
18 Autres composantes Subaru



A range of exclusive services to members Subaru

By opting for an additional auto warranty from (PPP Group Ltd.), you regular membership from CAA-Quebec is renewed for one year FREE.


Minor mechanical adjustments, battery boost, flat tire, fuel delivery, doors unlocking, towing and more (24/24 and 7 / 7).


Advice on the purchase or sale of your vehicle and to answer all your questions about the broad area of the car.


For the complete inspection of your vehicle by expert mechanics, to avoid unpleasant surprises.


National Warranty 1 year/20, 000 km (parts and labor) at the time of a repair in a garage recommended by CAA-Quebec.


In any dispute that may arise with your car, CAA-Quebec will help you. And many other benefits and savings!

Very appreciable benefits!

By opting for a guarantee (Group PPP), you can take the road with peace of mind.

The benefits associated with our guarantee programs (Subaru) ensure you that you are not left to yourself even if a mechanical failure occurred on your Subaru.

Simplified procedure

Before proceeding with the repair of a covered Subaru part, simply contact (PPP Group) to obtain prior approval. That’s all.

Renting a vehicle

If your Subaru vehicle is grounded more than a day during the repair of your Subaru, we assume the cost of rental of a vehicle with authorization, a Subaru, up to $ 30 per day (maximum 7 days).

Protected even while traveling

Travel hassle-free! No matter where you are in Canada and the continental United States, you will be protected by your guarantee of (Group PPP) in case of mechanical failure of a parts of your Subaru that is covered.


As a regular member for a year (courtesy of the PPP), you can count on the towing service Subaru CAA-Quebec if your Subaru vehicle is to be towed as a result of mechanical failure of a covered part on your Subaru. We will also incur additional charges, up to $ 50, if necessary (for example, for exceeding the mileage limit of CAA-Quebec).

Added value

Possibility of transferring to another purchaser your Subaru additional warranty in effect on your Subaru vehicle, for a fee of $ 75 (plus tax), if your Subaru warranty meets the requirements prescribed by the Group PPP. This adds value to your Subaru vehicle at resale. (P10-02-05)

Presence confirmed

Contact Pierre Lachapelle at 450.658.1000 ext 1, or toll free 1.866.658.1001 ext 1.
You can also use our contact form.

Check out our Subaru for sale and check out our Subaru Promotions

This information is for guidance, to the best of our knowledge when writing. They can change at any time and do not bind the company or its representatives.

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